Land Gone to Sea


Watercolour, Tempera  (22 x 32ins)  (2010)

Labour in Vain  Fields Series  DT2

The Poem

Land gone down washed up beach drained at shore
rinsing bay to the lips emotions past
dredging oyster boat with venus mast
lapper constant shouts at the tidal talker
clouds sail above a hundred ship wrecks
dashed down labour in vain.

Below glinting seahorse homes in a coral reef
rinsing tides submerged lagoon
summer simmer global rain dims to dimmer
below decks are blazing bright beacon warning sight.

Opaque flat reaches feed the constant
mist to crave the divide of sky and sea
summer flavours miscible in diesel rain
plastic wrappers ethered in city grime.

Downhill waters roll land to shore
rinsing pond fills and drinks fresh encounters
daily trips with rain dropped softened sails
pebbles crash and click to washing sea
fish shoals below decks
line caught labour in vain.

All content and images Copyright © 2023 Lynda Connolly  

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