Artist Statement

My work is emotion, paint, poetry, sculpture and time.  Sometimes in bigger proportions of any, I strive balance as it comes to me.  My love for sculpture is unique as I and the final resolve is always the outside edge which is never stretched or happily framed.  Creatively, I have let sculpture exist in my mind, as an empty space for emotional creative endeavour.  The form my ideas take is a surface reality of paper, fine cotton and canvas.  To shout louder, I use colour as my stronger voice to give an emotional gravity to the inability that I have to make strong the structures of emotions that I bring to my creative practise.  The enduring landscape of literary Dorset gives a reflected self belief, no longer a sculptor in exile, no longer a painterly recluse and evermore the poet painter to be.

Thank you.

Lynda Connolly

29 August 2018 on completion of Sunflower Sea Fields.






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